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anxiety attacks make me sad

Anxiety attacks in the middle of class over an essay due November 24th and a project due December 4 are nongood and make me sad.

Luckily I don't THINK anyone noticed, as I kept my head down, but yeah. Crying and shaking in the middle of class isn't fun at all, ever.

It's not so much just the essay, as it is essay + hueg annoying project in art class that I am behind on + oh shit senior year + job search which I have been neglecting + usual homework + planning for trip to Europe in January + one of my long running online RPs coming to an end and oh yeah I'm NPCing the final boss and pretty much running that event + the unwise decision of taking up nanowrimo when I KNOW that my school assigns all the big projects in november but then again if I don't do it now when am I going to do it + the usual irritating life concerns + my medication makes me much more prone to severe anxiety attacks.

So pardon me while I alternately cry / run around screaming.