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back. will post more coherently later. just know that it sucks when your biggest souvenir is a 100 degree fever. which I had on the entire plane ride.

going to pass out now

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So last night, due to my meds making me really, really uncoordinated, I managed to stab myself in the eyeball with my powercord. Yes, really. Yes, the actual eyeball, not my eyelid or under the eye, the eye itself. Luckily it wasn't plugged in. At the time, I didn't think much of it - it didn't hurt, and I could see fine.


It hurts like a bitch, my eye is CONSTANTLY watering and hurting. I can see, it's just hard since my eye constantly itches and waters. Anyone know if there's anything I can do about this other than wait for it to heal?

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Oh god, I have a driver's license.

I apparently passed the test by a hair. I completely borked up the parallel parking (like, as in, SERIOUSLY borked it up) and I'm pretty sure the only reason I did pass is becuase I signal well, back up well, and stop at stop signs. Little things, you know.

The man giving my test? "Honestly I don't think I should give you your license. You passed, but you're an absolutely terrible driver, you make bad choices, you have no idea how to park. I'm giving you this license but practice more becuase if you don't you'll get into an accident and die."

Why are test proctors of driving tests so damn scary?! I know they're supposed to be giving a test and being instructive, but it does NOT help that I'm on the verge of having an anxiety attack the whole time becuase of you. I actually DID have an anxiety attack once back in the MVA becuase I didn't know what to do once I had the damn test sheet.

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jesus christ its a house

I has a sick

I am less than a week away from my due-date for two of my three final papers and one of my paintings and I am getting sick.


I really don't have time for this; I don't have time for the achey and the icky. And especially not for the inability to speak because I uh have a presentation on Thursday. Also, I have no kitchen and thus curling up in my room, ignoring the world and living off various kinds of soup for a few days is semi-infeasible.

... then again I do have a microwave... hmmmm.

Either way! SICK BAD. DO NOT WANT.

Possibly I should solve this with moar Dakka. I am not sure how moar dakka would solve this exactly but it is impossible to go wrong with it, so it can't hurt.