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Job Interview...?

So... I was supposed to have an interview with Calyx Press today at 5:00...

Only it's 7:00, and I still haven't gotten a call.

So... what's the proper etiquette for politely asking what happened here..? I... actually just called them and left a message on their answering machine, and I hope it didn't sound too nervous and "sssoooo what happened?"

I'm so horrible over the phone, jeez. And I hope calling didn't just scuttle my chances entirely. GJ, me, GJ.
jesus christ its a house

Woah, more things going right?

And today I find out that there's a place which gives up to $10,000 in graduate school scholarships for people getting MFAs in the arts. Including in Creative Nonfiction. I obviously haven't started applying yet, but I certainly will once I get the whole internship thing squared away (so. many. apps. agh.)


Things going actually kind of okay for once? I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, here. I'm not used to things going right.

... heh. Probably jinx'd it.
Blind Riku

what the

Of all the places I've applied to thus far, the first two to give me a truly coherent response along the lines of "we're totally interested and will probably hire you!" are a magazine in Minneanapolis and then a weird femminist small press in Corvallis, Oregon.

What. What is my life, even.

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Well, the Marvel apps are in, and I just got a proper confirmation email from a real human being saying that they've got my resume and are looking it over (same person who I was asking fiddly questions of). Fingers crossed.

Applying for Wolf Trap next, then running out to Oregon to visit Portland State (AAAAAAAAAA PLANE TRIP AAAAA WHAT DO I PACK?! AAAAAAAAAA) and running back home. I've been very bad about working on my portfolio and looking up grad schools lately. Oops.

I also had a wonderful idea for a road novel, namely, "get a pilot, get in a small plane and fly from city to city, shacking up with people I have met through the internet and elsewhere and write about each city I stay in". Sadly it would cost more money than I have to do something outrageous like that.

Uh... and becuase I feel like it, here, listen to Jupiter singing:

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it's bizarrely soothing and I can't stop listening to it.

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I copied things today! Mostly I hang out in the office. I HAVE MY OWN CUBICLE. THERE WAS PF CHANGS FOR LUNCH. WOO. AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT

I like this job thus far :3



Awesome as it would be to live in NYC, I just got offered a full-time internship as an editor of grant proposals for $10/hr, close to my house so I don't have to move.


Fun as the DailyLit internship looks, this one pays.


Interview went Really well. As in "Holy crap I may ACTUALLY have a job?" Nothing's confirmed yet, but they REALLY need someone who is both a good editor and an artist/designer, so... Brb, flailing and keysmashing.

The internship is, like the Marvel internship, unpaid; also like the Marvel one it looks freakin awesome.

Problem is, um, I have nowhere to live. I also don't have time to go apartment hunting right now and I don't even know HOW to go apartment hunting.

So my good friends, er... help? Again, nothing is tied down yet, but if I could have at least some prelim help / a promise of a couch until I get a real place to live...

and then it'll be time to look for part time work to go along with said internship OMG I WILL BE DOING REAL LIFE THINGS THIS SUMMER. MAYBE. Hnnnnhhhh.
'sup bitches?

Sinking my own ship

So I realized yesterday that I may well have scuttled my own chances at getting a proper job this summer.

See, I signed up to be a Peer Mentor at school, which is a great oppertunity - it lets me say "Hey I totally have leadership and team building skills" while giving something back to the college community. Awesome!

Except I have to be back at school before 10:00 AM on the 15th of August, no exceptions, or I lose the position.

This isn't an obligation I can back down on. I'm doing it for credit (which I might not get ANYWAY since I graduate in November OOPS) and I get paid to do it, and I promised not one but two professors (It's a dual-taught class) that I'd be available for this.

I also don't get OUT of school until the 23rd. This WAS flexible at one point, but not any more - I've made appointments and arrangements you know what? Fuck if I'm going to miss my best friends doing their graduation. It's bad enough that I don't get to walk with them, I'm not going to abandon them too.

"So why is that so hard?" you ask.

Because the job I'm interviewing for today is in New York City. It's a little hard - no, it's impossible to be able to suddenly be ready to go with housing to NYC in less than a day. To be ready to go back to school and move in on the 15th (the reason I have to be there so ungodly early) I'd need at least a full day. So I'd have to come back down on the 13th, do laundry and pack like a thing possessed on the 14th, then move back up on the 15th).

That's only 80 days at most. That's a generous estimate, there. This internship's supposed to be 90 days.

I'm going to ask anyway just in case, but hoo boy is the week after I get out of school going to be made of crazy if I get this thang.

*E* Did I mention that this is made about four times as hard since I can't, you know, have a car in NY to bring my stuff up in?


Because there are only three weeks left in my semester and becuase I am on the final push for my sem paper... I have no time for more job apps. I just don't. My ship is sunk, man. I applied to 30 places total and got interviews at two. Those are shitty, shitty odds.

At least with Wold Trap I might be able to apply again next year...

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Oh hey!

Have an interview with DailyLit on Tuesday. Anyone familiar with them? And er.

Heh, I suppose I might be moving to NYC for the summer after all if I get this job. Hoo boy.