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We are men!

Hee. this makes me smile a bit. Very fun site; I think if I ever get around to updating my steam outfit (SOMEDAY, damn it! Someday, I WILL be an intrepid gentleman photographer/journalist/world traveler!) I shall take notes on this for future reference and hopefully manage to score a lovely lady willing to travel the world by my side. Possibly a mad scientist/wrench wench if I can help it.

... gentlemen are ok too.
jesus christ its a house

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My roommate is an absolutely amazing awesome person who made me this icon.

Which will make no sense to most of you, but I don't care, it's awesome.
'sup bitches?

Myst IV

Sooo, been playing Myst IV. Some thoughts:

Atrus: I've called you here becuase I need your help!
Me: ... do you ever call me for any other reason? >>;

*power goes out* ... I don't suppose you have a circuit breaker? ... you DO! but it's heinously complicated. At least it's not like Ghen's...

So, you trapped your two sons in complete isolation for twenty years hoping they'd reform? FANTASTIC PLAN ATRUS. REMIND ME TO THANK YAVO THAT YOU'RE NOT MY DAD.

Yeesha, you somehow manage to annoy me just as much as your future self. Also, you are a worse actor than Rand Miller. And that's SAYIN something.

WTF DID YOU DO TO MY CATHERINE?! WHAT IS THIS SHIT. The Katran from Riven and Book of Atrus would NOT be afraid of tight spaces. She wouldn't tell her daughter not to fiddle with electrical equipment. The Katran I know was a revolutionary and a badass, not some... wibbling... wtf... Rand what were you smoking.

Ok now for the good?

I WANT TO MOVE TO TOMAHNA. LIKE NOW. Oh god such a beautiful house. Do want do want do wannnt. Steampunk, in a desert canyon suspended above the water with gardens of tropical plants?! kdjf;ajds jdflaj KEYSMASH OF LOVE. My Stranger hangs out on the deck with a glass of iced tea and manages to forgive Atrus for making her his errand girl for letting her hang out at his pad. Mannn.