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Wall-E apparently won a Hugo! Dang!


ASIDE: Persons who commented on my short story - I need still a way to describe very specifically, transhumans who use mechanical shells. I think I got terms for the rest. Bargle.
jesus christ its a house

consciousness; stream of

pardon my pretension, but occasionally I vomit words; spew ideas and it all comes out like a high-schooler's madness, gladness, badness; I blame Danielweiski, the fool. I dream of staircases and of monsters in the dark and I will never think of else again. Characters are burning in my soul and twisting myself to something new again and I'm a million different people from one day to the next, I can't change my mode, no, no, no; my shape shifts and I am unmade and remade and perhaps fReemade books are in my blood and I am words, words, words; do I write anything new or do I just regurgitate, recycle and renew? Maybe in our green-obsessed world this is a fine and dandy thing, after all we're nothing but sequels and remakes but I want the new. I'll destroy, I'll burn down the status quo because I want something new.

Gods. I am undone. I am undone. I break from my false reality and my real reality still unfolds and unbinds. I don't know where I am. And yet I remind myself that all this has happened before and will happen again. I will survive this. I will endure, and in enduring grow strong. Can you catch all the allusions I've made? I'm a rotting cesspit of festering pop-culture garbage, the space between my ears filled by inconsequence.

I'll survive.

But at what cost? At no cost; I'm thinking like a high schooler again, thinking that I'm the only one in the world this has ever happened to the only one this happens to and that's a lie. I am not a beautiful or unique snowflake. I am the same decaying organic matter as everyone else. Hi. This organic matter is dreaming and is reaming and streaming out thoughts, bleeding words from a shotgun wound.

Don't worry. I'm not depressed, I promise. Just thinking. Bleeding ink from paper skin. I've been listening to Johnny talk too long.

I have to finish this thesis.

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someday i will hand you all the keys to a shiny new australia

except rium+, becuase he lives there, and presumably already has the keys.

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Hmm. I think it's about time for a new layout. Hmmm

See, I really do like my black, page-stretching layout OF DOOM, and I like the actual arrangement. I guess what I REALLY want is...

Something more SHODAN themed.